Lots of cons are getting cancelled, and that sucks.  Hopefully we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming sooner than later.  But in the meantime, if you want some immediate gratification, we've got ZobieVCon!  You can order an autographed 8x10 character print, or mail in any art, banners, or Funko Pop cases you want to have signed!  All orders come with a personalized video, and a certificate of authentication.  If you don't see your favorite character as an option, check back in a bit, we'll be swapping characters out over time!



        May 1 - May 3

        Plano, TX

      June 19 - June 21

         Atlanta, GA

      July 10 - July 12

         Indianapolis, IN

        July 17 - July 19

        Jacksonville, FL

         August 28 - August 30

         Minneapolis, MN